Sale, Gamut

So, a story called “Porcupine” will appear on Gamut Online sometime next year. After how unbelievably terrible November was, this was a good way to wrap up the month. Looking forward to the magazine’s launch.

The story itself is a short 2k-ish piece about a Japanese soldier in WWII. I first wrote it in 2013, and since then it’s gone through many changes, revisions and rewrites, and something like a dozen really kind rejections. Now it has sold, and I can’t help but be really damn happy about it.

Will have to update the ‘about’ page to reflect my nanowrimo failure. Time for a personal December writing month, because this is the one year where I’d really like to finish a rough draft of a novel. Hoping to finish revisions by February so I can try submitting to agents for the first time.


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