End of the year; progress


I have a title now for the book. I like it. I see the end. I know at this point I won’t finish it in 2016–also I want to play DOOM the rest of the year–damn my laziness–hey I got this far–try to ignore all my failures otherwise–god I told myself I’d be done with this in November–but anyway, I have a title. Sometimes they come to me at the beginning and form a foundation for the story to go off of, and this has been the case for all my published or sold work, and even if I get the feeling that I’m just trying to find a pattern in viscera I can’t help but hold onto that pattern and worry when I don’t have it in the beginning that the work is somewhat doomed, as silly as it sounds. So there’s this worry about the book I’m writing but I’ll just have to push through it.

Short story front: I’ve gotten very little work done since November, though I’ve been submitting again. Working on a rewrite but I still feel like someone took an ice cream scoop to my chest. Still, proud of the three sales I made this year, two of which will appear next year. Had one story published in 2015, one story this year, and now two stories next year coming out–maybe this means three stories in 2018. Who knows. At some point I’ll have to stop counting like the number matters but for now, they do.

Getting back to reading. Going through SILENCE by Shusaku Endo; wonderful. Mulling a re-read of I HOTEL by Karen Tei Yamashita. Would like to read more Shusaku Endo. Would also like to read more Michael Cisco.



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