Sale, Lackington’s

Well, it’s been depressing news wise. Obviously not happy about anything that’s happening in the country. Doing what I can to help, but that’s nowhere near enough. Give money, I think. So I give money, the paltry sum that I can afford, and look into local places I could help out at. But all of it feels futile. Makes me wish I had more options, more avenues to help, more resources to contribute. To lack in this manner, the powerlessness of it even as people I care for come under attack.

ANYWAY, as jarring as the transition is from the gloom above to this relatively upbeat piece of news, I made a sale today to Lackington’s–really happy about this, submitted back in December and with a revision done in January. This also means that I’ll have 3 stories come out this year.

Plan for February: finish my fucking book


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