• Short story

    I couldn’t help it and wrote another short story…

  • Cities of the Plain, Cormac McCarthy

    I read this in my early 20s and I thought the ending was dumb. It struck me as being comically macho… and it is… but now I understand. I’m almost done with my bitter novel. I feel like I’ll need a few more books under my belt before I get better at this.

  • Still writing

    My last published story was Molting Season, which can be read here: Molting Season, narrated by Kate Baker. One benefit about not having a career (at least related to this writing stuff) is that I can theoretically go and start other stuff. Self pub? Webnovel? Write poetry and sip wine while contemplating my pen and…

  • “Reenactment,” Liminal Stories

    http://liminalstoriesmag.com/issue-4 With art by Laurie Noel

  • Human Pilots, Strange Horizons

    http://strangehorizons.com/fiction/human-pilots/ with narration by Anaea Lay It’s up! I tried to write a space opera and this was the result. The published version features far less exposition in the beginning, a problem that I’m beginning to diagnose with my work in general. Lopping it off (like the first 1/4 of the story?) resulted in a…