Sale, Gamut

So, a story called “Porcupine” will appear on Gamut Online sometime next year. After how unbelievably terrible November was, this was a good way to wrap up the month. Looking forward to the magazine’s launch.

The story itself is a short 2k-ish piece about a Japanese soldier in WWII. I first wrote it in 2013, and since then it’s gone through many changes, revisions and rewrites, and something like a dozen really kind rejections. Now it has sold, and I can’t help but be really damn happy about it.

Will have to update the ‘about’ page to reflect my nanowrimo failure. Time for a personal December writing month, because this is the one year where I’d really like to finish a rough draft of a novel. Hoping to finish revisions by February so I can try submitting to agents for the first time.

Story is out; one random thought

Whoa, it’s up.

Finding it difficult to think about the story itself. It makes me anxious, and I’ve been trying to avoid that. Ultimately there’s nothing you can do about a story’s reception, and I know that I should just sit back and enjoy the fact that I’ve put something out there.

Thank you for reading.